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I’m stuck, so I’ll blog this. May 31. End it well. I suggest a crisp summer chardonnay after running around for new ideas. June…WELCOME!


InkPlans? Grab …

InkPlans? Grab a pen, and once you are certain of another “mission” or idea, grab the calendar and write it down…in INK, even if you are also using an online calendar, or outlook. The written date is formal, powerful, and you can set it up in view to see that there’s preparations needed to be done if it’s something of value. And, It’s of Value.  You will be nervous, excited, fearful, negative, positive, and well, downright wanting to cancel at times. You’ve got InkPlans. 

The biggest things I have ever accomplished I’ve written down the date. Now it’s time to start a world movement of getting more people on board to ACT on their ideas, dreams or even just a daily workout. It’s gonna feel good guys! Let’s go.